Hi My name is Mark. You found my blog. Thanks for dropping in. I work from home.

If you want to work from home, there are a few things that are really help you out.

Just so you know I know little bit about what I’m talking about here because I work from home every single day. As a matter fact I’m sitting in my office right now. I can see out the front windows to the street and see if any cars drive by.
A lot of people ask me how I stay disciplined to actually work while I’m sitting at home. I figured I would share a couple of those tips with you here.
A friend of mine recently asked me if I got up showered and got ready for work out just as I did when I used to commute to an office.
I told him that I’d like to say yes and that I had in my life completely disciplined and organized. But, that wouldn’t be true.
The truth is is that I have realized that if you can get to your work very early in the morning before people can reach you by phone, you can get a whole lot done. So I don’t bother with the semantics of getting dressed in the morning.
My schedule is basically I wake up at five or 6 o’clock and head straight to my office.
I don’t open email or Facebook or any of those types of things. This allows me to spend my time being in creative mode.
It really doesn’t matter what I work on as long as it is creative nature.
One of the things that really helps you out is if you can make sure that the area that you’re approaching or going into is completely organized.
My concept behind this is that you wouldn’t want to go to a hotel that is disorganized right?
If you walked into a hotel room and there is little paper confetti strips and whatnot on the floor, it would definitely detract from your stay.
So the image that I always use when making sure that the things around me are organized is the image of a hotel room.
I simply asked the question, with this pass for a hotel room if I didn’t own it. Think about a hotel room. Usually it’s inviting because of the following reasons. First most everything is up off the floor. The only things I found on the floor or maybe a refrigerator, bed, dresser and desk.
Everything else is up off the floor. There are no loose items laying on tables or chairs or the floor.
It’s clean and it smells nice. Yes, that’s right. You should make sure that your office smells good. You should want to walk into it.
Years ago one of my mentors taught me a very important lesson. He said that you should make sure that everything on your desk is cleared off when you walk into your office. Then, when you sit down take everything out that you need. Use it for a designated amount of time.
I like to set my timer for 50 minutes. That way, I can work for 50 minutes and then take  a 10 minute break.
My mentor taught me to close everything down after 50 minutes and clear everything off the desk. Then when I sit down for my next task for 50 minutes I open the necessary things for that.
Leaving unnecessary things open and scattered reduces your effectivity and creativity.
Stay tune for my next post to find out more information about how you can maximize your efforts from working at home.