outdoor fireplace

Adding fire features to make your home beautiful.

I have never met a person that says that they absolutely hate sitting by a fire on a quiet evening.

  A friend of mine says that it’s some type of archetypal pattern in our heads.

As humans we are just simply drawn to it.

Fire features at your home can increase the value of your property.

  Did you know that?

For example if you have an outdoor fire pit, it can be a luxurious addition that you can market with your home. Did you know that there are many companies that will actually build you a stone fireplace outside?

 An outdoor fireplace is simply an amazing addition to any home. It invites people from the inside to the outside. It expands the overall feel of your home because it incorporates the outdoors.

Outdoor fireplaces don’t have to be expensive either.

  Typically if you talk to a paver company, you can find out who in the area builds these types of fire pits.

 Armed with that information, you can request some bids. I always recommend that you get at least three bids before you settle on any projects. 

I take that back. If the project is small and simple and it’s less than $200, then I would be tempted to just have the job done.

Additional time that you spent looking for the right partner and the potential savings of that other person, will be eaten up by your involvement in the project of soliciting all these bids.

But for larger items like outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, make sure you get at least three bids.

  Another fantastic feature is to incorporate the grill into a stone housing.

You often see this concept modeled in summer kitchens.

 Currently some of the Home-improvement stores offer outdoor concepts that really work. For example there are propane based stone fire rings that basically look like a coffee table with a bunch of lava rocks in the middle with a firing.

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that if you go to specialty stores in different areas you may find that the prices for these items are horrendous. I highly recommend that you do your research online and look for the best price. It is funny but I’ve actually seen the same product available for $500 on display at specialty stores for $4,399.

Granted it was a beach community and they probably assume that people were just going to drop their cash without thinking about it twice, but I was pretty shocked when I saw that one.  I remember grabbing my wife to show her the craziness.

Pick up some magazines at your local home building store to review how people have used fire to enhance their backyards and living style.

 I believe that it gives the outdoors a whole new feel.  

And let’s face it outdoor living can be one of the most amazing parts of our lives.

  There is nothing quite like sipping your favorite beverage by the fire feature with friends enjoying a good time.

One last thought. If you can integrate a pergola with a fireplace, you can really make an outdoor area feel like an indoor living room.

 You can see this on the picture above.

 Thanks for dropping by my blog, I hope that it give you some insight and thoughts about what you can do to enhance your living style for minimal amounts of money.